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Savana has focused much energy and investment in the productive area. In technological terms, we believe that one of the most well prepared in our sector.

For some time now we have several machines, automatic cutting, automatic sewing system, CAD / CAM, and more recently automated the whole section sewing. Reserving a small production line solely for the production of samples.

In terms of services, our business scope is divided:

1) Production Custom client's brand that we call the "Private Label".

2) Commercialization of our collection with the brand Telmee & Telyoh.

3) Sale of available stocks of our brands.

4) Sale of stock available white label.

5) Production with the materials available in stock. Prices more competitive.




In terms of organization, we seek perfection!

It is our stance, questioning and regularly review our work processes, from simple to complex.

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